The Peninsula Trails Coalition

The Olympic Discovery Trail, one of America's premier trail systems!

The Peninsula Trails Coalition (PTC) was formed in 1987 to represent the hiking, biking and equestrian communities of the North Olympic Peninsula. It was incorporated as a non-profit corporation of the State of Washington in 1988 and granted 501(c)3 status. Its mission was to establish a shared trail for its constituent groups. The trail was to connect the population centers of the area, from Port Townsend on Puget Sound west to Forks, about 100 miles, utilizing as much as possible the abandoned Milwaukee Railroad corridor. This mission was later expanded to extend the trail another 25 miles to LaPush on the Pacific Ocean. During the 24 years since the inception of the PTC, the trail has been named the Olympic Discovery Trail and has grown from a vision of the coalition members to a broadly accepted regional objective. The trail is now nearing 50% completion.

PTC coordinates with and supports the 10 federal, state, county, city and tribal jurisdictions who are the public owners responsible for segments of the trail. PTC advocates for uniform route selection and construction standards for all segments of the trail. PTC, with support from the North Olympic Visitors Bureau, has developed and maintains the official trail web site, The coalition also publishes a quarterly newsletter and maintains an email data base to reach the membership with "breaking news". The PTC coordinates with and supports major connecting trails, such as the Sound to Olympics Trail and the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail. PTC solicits and manages donated funds which are used to support construction and maintenance of the trail. And, perhaps most importantly, PTC manages extensive volunteer-based trail construction and maintenance projects.

Today, the PTC can call on better than 150 volunteers to help construct, maintain, and advocate for the ODT. Construction projects have included conversion, with new decking, railings, and ramps, of all the railroad trestles along the route, including 3 that are over 400 feet long. Route construction projects vary from preliminary brushing and flagging, clearing and staking, to complete construction of trail sections including the installation of signs and bollards. We have also created trail heads with landscaping, built fences, and installed sanicans. We staff and manage an extensive Adopt-a-Trail program. About 60 miles of completed ODT and 25 miles of the adjunct Adventure Route are currently adopted by PTC volunteers.

PTC is governed by a 14 person Board of Directors, who appoint a President, Vice Presidents for Clallam and Jefferson County, Treasurer, and Secretary. The officers are confirmed by the membership at the annual meeting. Responsibilities are divided by county. The trail in Clallam County, (~ 100 miles or 80%) is managed directly by the board and officers. The trail in Jefferson County, (~25 miles, or 20%) is managed by a chapter of PTC, the Jefferson Trails Coalition (JTC). Board meetings are held monthly, and the annual membership meeting is in May. Current (July 2014) Clallam County board members include Jeff Bohman, John Dolansky, Chris Gutmacher, Chuck Preble, Andy Stevenson, Iris Sutcliffe, and Gordon Taylor. The Jefferson County board is comprised of Jeff Selby, Jeni Little, and David Trotter.

We welcome your membership. To join the PTC, or to make a donation to help us maintain the ODT and the Adventure Route, please click on the Dues/Donations tab. For volunteer opportunities, click Volunteers or Adopt-a-Trail. To reach the board use the Contact Us link below.