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Trail Users Comments / Re: Odt/oar camping
« Last post by dfuchser on July 17, 2017, 09:20:10 PM »
I was riding the trail through Agnew, about 10 or so miles west of Sequim, and came across a sign on someone's driveway offering free camping for tents only.  They just request that you call first, 360-461-1975.
Trail Users Comments / Re: large group of horse back riders
« Last post by ODT_Forum_Admin on July 12, 2017, 08:11:19 AM »
We investigated the trail blocking problem, but could not identify any group of 10-12 horses on the trail on the date you report, or in recent memory for that matter.  There was a group of four horses in that vicinity on that date whom we talked to.  They are regular trail users and well versed in trail etiquette.  Normally horses will keep right and leave room for other users to pass.  When passing other trail users, you should announce your passing on their left, and they should give you room.  This is especially true for passing equestrians, as the horses (who can't see behind them) will be reassured to hear your voice.  We are sorry for the problem you encountered, and hope the above trail etiquette process works for you in the future. 
Trail Users Comments / large group of horse back riders
« Last post by c2sky on June 21, 2017, 03:05:18 PM »
Today, I was not able to run or get around a large group  of horse back riders on the trail (approximately 8-10 riders). They all crossed one of the bridges by Siebert Creek. It looked like a led group, possibly for pay, from a local stable/equestrian center. I know that we are supposed to yield to horses on the ODT, but there was no way to get around these horses. I was forced to abandon my plans and go back the other way on the trail. The group did not offer to stop and let me pass either. They had also rudely told me I was driving too fast, when I passed them at 15-20 miles an hour on a 35 mph road, and I drove much slower as I pulled into the ODT trailhead parking area. Still they told me I drove too fast for their horses.

These riders took up a large portion of the road and trail. Someone was probably paid to lead the riders, as it sounded as if there was education going on. Are they required to get a permit for groups that large? Do I have any options, when I'm planning on running point to point, and unable to run planned course because the horses are taking up the entire width of the trail? Am I allowed to ask them to let me pass?

Trail Users Comments / Re: Odt/oar camping
« Last post by ODT_Forum_Admin on June 05, 2017, 12:38:16 PM »
Tim,  For general supplies (e.g.supermarkets), plan to stop in any of the four towns along the route: Port Townsend, Sequim, Port Angeles, and Forks.  For camping supplies, there are outfitters in Port Townsend (Wildernest) and Port Angeles (Browns Outdoor).  See Outfitters tab in Planning Info, but also currently being updated.  Sport Townsend has closed. 
Trail Users Comments / Re: Odt/oar camping
« Last post by ODT_Forum_Admin on June 05, 2017, 11:44:03 AM »
For Camping information, look in the Planning Info section of the website, on the Camping page.  Camping sites along the ODT route are listed,  Click the campsite name to link to the campsite web page,  Most provide cost and reservation info.  However we are currently in the process of updating a number of link changes on this page, which should be done by mid June. 
Trail Users Comments / Odt/oar camping
« Last post by Timtheconjurer on June 02, 2017, 03:04:18 PM »
I am planning a late July trip to ride west, then back. I am curious about cap site fees, as well as stops to resupply so I can keep my weight down on the trip. Any advice and direction would be very appreciated.
Trail Users Comments / Re: Family Cycling on the ODT?
« Last post by ODT_Forum_Admin on May 18, 2017, 06:54:27 AM »
Good question.  The portion from Port Townsend to Discovery Bay temporarily uses 8 miles on State Route 20, which is windy, fast, and poor shoulders - not safe in my opinion, particularly for 7 yr olds.  To avoid this, take State Route 104 from Seattle to Discovery Bay (Edmonds Ferry, Hood Canal Bridge to US Hwy 101, then north 2+ miles to connect with Olympic Discovery Trail). The 50 miles of ODT from Discovery Bay to Port Angeles and the ferry to Victoria, BC is mostly separated trail and a fun ride.  However it is not well signed (big signing project this summer).  Take the download maps from the website for the sections you are going to cover and they will walk you through the confusing spots.  The first 10 miles from Discovery Bay is not complete yet, but most is on Old Gardiner Rd, a quiet country road you will like, with two short segments on the wide shoulders of Hwy 101. Go off the highway onto Old Blyn hwy, jog left in 0.8 miles to catch the separated trail and you are good all the way to Port Angeles. The 7 yr old will enjoy visits to the Audubon Center (just before crossing the Dungeness River on a restored RR bridge, open weekdays) and the Feiro Marine Life Center (as you enter Port Angeles, on the water side just past the Red Lion Inn). 
Trail Users Comments / Re: Status of Sequim Bay State Park bridge
« Last post by ODT_Forum_Admin on May 18, 2017, 05:51:29 AM »
The new bridge opened in mid May, and the steep, gravel detour is no more!
Trail Users Comments / Family Cycling on the ODT?
« Last post by cyclingfamily on May 12, 2017, 10:22:34 AM »
Hey there. My husband and I are thinking about cycling from Seattle to Vancouver with our seven-year old this summer. We've taken other cycling trips before (the Great Allegheny Passage and from Montreal to Quebec) where we've cycled on marked paths, shoulders, and separate trails. If we incorporate the ODT, are there particularly difficult climbs and many bits that you would consider unsafe because of traffic, lack of shoulder, etc...?

Also, do you have other recommendations for a possible cycling trip from Seattle to Vancouver?
Trail Users Comments / Status of Sequim Bay State Park bridge
« Last post by bchalk on May 10, 2017, 06:29:01 AM »
Can someone tell me if the new bridge in Sequim Bay State Park is open/rideable? The last I heard there were paving delays because of the weather.
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