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Trail Users Comments / Equestrian Access in Sequim Area
« Last post by ODT_Forum_Admin on October 16, 2016, 04:47:37 PM »
A trail user asks: "Where can I find information about equestrian use of the trail in Sequim - particularly crossing the Dungeness?" Here is the situation. The ODT is open to horses between the west end of the Dungeness River Trestle and Lake Farm Road, about 8 miles.  On the Sequim end, previously some folks forded the river by following a track along the north side of the trestle.  Now the river has moved to a new bed which is narrower, deeper and faster than the old ford, with a more difficult bottom.  If folks want to ford the river (during the low water period), they will need to find a new crossing not reachable from ODT.  The trestle and bridge are closed to horses.  Sequim is closed to horses inside the city limits.   
On a brighter note, there have been discussions about creating a horse track around the north side of the city, joining to the ODT on both sides.  Most feel this is doable, but there has not been any organized interest from horse owners, and it would take a serious campaign to make this happen.  If the interest ever develops, PTC would be glad to support it.
Hi there

My friend is doing her first bike tour, from Port Angeles to Portland, and, sadly, her first full day of riding ended with the discovery that her tent was no longer on her rear rack at the end of the day.  :'( There are three possibilities: First, when she stopped at a little diner, someone may have grabbed it, but she feels that's unlikely as there were only a couple of people around at the time. Second, she may have had it stolen at the start of the trail while she was using the public washroom. Third, while riding a very bumpy section of the Spruce Trail around Lake Crescent (which isn't marked as being a mountain-bike only section on the ODT map and sounds awful for people touring on road bikes!), the tent may have somehow wriggled free from the net that was holding it on to the rear rack and fell off somewhere on the trail. She wouldn't have heard this because the bumpy terrain was already creating quite a racket.

Today, after having to sleep in the back of a pickup truck that park volunteer hosts offered her (very kind of them), she has retraced her steps along that bumpy section of the trail to see if the tent might be anywhere to be seen. As far as I know, she has had no luck.
It's a good little tent. Not cheap. An MSR Mutha Hubba, three-person tent in a light green bag. Sure, if someone found it on the ground, they might quickly realize that this is a lucky find, but it's not a 'finders keepers' thing; this is my friend's tent and it should be returned to her. She will likely have to purchase something else to use for the remainder of her trip, although she won't find any place soon to do so (will she? heading down the 101 on the west side of Olympic National Park?). Regardless, if anyone finds the tent, it would be amazing if it could find its way back to her along her travels or when she returns home.

As you can imagine, this is a very disappointing way for her to be starting her trip. She's tough, but this could really get her down. If anyone happens to find/have found the tent, please contact me immediately. If anyone knows of another way of trying to get in touch with a person/people who may have found the tent, please let me know. I'd like to do all I can to help her.

Trail Users Comments / Re: Updated map
« Last post by ODT_Forum_Admin on August 04, 2016, 11:30:52 AM »
Hi Biker2s,  The last two miles of this segment are currently being constructed, and will open this fall.  We will update the map soon.  However the trail is complete from west Lake Crescent to the Hwy 101 crossing just west of Sol Duc Rd.  Right now you use Hwy 101 shoulders west from the crossing to the 2918 Rd, and follow that south to the Sol Duc bridge on your right, where the trail continues west.  Chuck. 
Hi Thorsten,  The Center Rd to SR104 to Hwy 101 to Discovery Bay is the best and safest riding route, simply because both SR 104 and Hwy 101 have wide, paved shoulders.  Taking Eaglemount Rd back to SR20 does avoid the worst part of SR20, but is only a mile or so shorter with poor shoulders and higher traffic on SR20.  I haven't ridden West Valley, but I'll get an opinion and add it to this reply.  Chuck
Trail Users Comments / Alternative to Hwy 20 - how exactly? (E Discovery Bay)
« Last post by tlisker on July 24, 2016, 12:20:07 AM »
Hi all, in the description of ODT #2 (Four Corners to Discovery Bay) it says, "Another alternative to Hwy 20 using Center Rd is discussed in the User forum section of this website. It adds 10 miles, but it is a pleasant ride, good slopes, paved road, and low traffic." I'm afraid I can't find this discussion here in the forum - maybe because I'm new to it, sorry - but I could find another comment saying that parts of Hwy 20 are considered dangerous even by experienced riders. Being unfamiliar with the area and wanting to be sure I'm going the right way, my question therefore would be: Is this the said alternative:
Center Rd to Eaglemount Rd to last bit of Hwy 20,
or is that still the dangerous bit and it should rather be
Center Rd to SR 104 to Hwy 101 ?
As a side point, would there be a reason for not going W Valley Rd instead of Center Rd?
Thanks a lot!
Trail Users Comments / Updated map
« Last post by biker2s on July 23, 2016, 09:02:24 AM »
Is there an updated map showing the route from the west of Lake Crescent to the Sol Duc.
Hi H. Clay,  I am thinking the 35 mile section from Blyn, through Sequim and Port Angeles, and across the Elwha River would offer the best options. Let me list the few steep spots crossing creeks where you probably want to walk the bike/trailer for a short distance, then I think the website should have enough detail to let you plan a trip.  From the east, the first spot in Sequim Bay State Park is a steep detour with gravel on the downside.  We expect to have a level, gravel detour there by about 1 August, and by spring a new, level bridge over the creek ravine.  The next spots are at Seibert Creek (half way from Sequim to PA) and Bagley Creek, a little further on.  Both are well paved, but you may want to walk the uphill side of each.  The last one is the drop to Morse Creek, long but rideable each way.  Be sure to check the Trail Status page in the Planning Info section of the website for temporary closures (with detours).  We have some in July.  Otherwise, the Trail map and planning sections should give you enough info on things of interest along the route to plan a good trip.  If you go west from PA city center, the trail route in the city can be confusing.  Take the map downloads from that section with you and you should have no problem.  Also, the Trail-head/parking info on the four map subsection pages (East, East central, West Central, and West) can be very helpful.  Hope this helps, and you have a great trip! Chuck Preble

Trail Users Comments / Best section for pulling a toddler in a trailer
« Last post by H.Clay on July 14, 2016, 02:48:43 PM »
What would be the best section of the ODT for pulling a 2-year old in a trailer? I'm thinking about access to easy parking and sections that are away from heavy traffic. We probably wouldn't want to ride more then 5-10 miles before stretching our legs.
Sorry for being slow to respond.  I would not start a long ride from Port Townsend until we get the connecting trail built in, roughly, 10 years.  Try starting in Blyn.  Park in the rest area at the Jamestown S'Klallam tribal headquarters.  The trail crosses adjacent to the rest stop along the north side.  From there you have 35 miles of paved trail through Sequim and Port Angeles to and across the Elwha River.  Have directions through west Port Angeles (from this website) with you because the trail is not well marked there (yet). 
Trail Users Comments / Re: How best to access the trail near Morse Creek?
« Last post by ODT_Forum_Admin on June 13, 2016, 02:51:22 PM »
The Trail crosses Straight View Drive about 250 feet north of the Hwy 101 turn off, with a large parking ares on the right (east) side of Straight View.  There is a large trail sign on Straight View where the trail heads west to PA.  The 5 miles of trail along the water are prone to slides, and these are cleared as fast as possible.  Signs are posted when the trail is closed. 
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